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Domains - WWW, TLDs & ccTLDs

Starting a new business?
Register and secure your domain.

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Websites & Apps Hosting

Top Grade Hosting services. Scalable to accommodate your development needs.

Host a static site or a wordpress website or a citical application. Count on us for the best experience to your hosting needs.

Any project. Any client. Any website. Our specialists are ready to move your sites to Binary. It's fast, easy, and we are here to make sure everything works.

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Business Mailbox

cPanel powered Business Email hosting with POP/SMTP and Webmail.
Get custom email @yourcompany. Email Hosting Services for Business & Education.

Get your custom mailbox @yourdomain hosted with Binary or Google's G Suite or with Office 365.

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SSL Certificates https://www.

Digital Signatures for your Website and hosted applications.

Google Chrome has started taging sites as Not Secure. Its time to secure website, your cloud applications and emails. There are other advantages - get better ranking in search engines and gain customer's trust. Safety First. Year 2018 is about securing the internet.

SSL is the backbone of internet security. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, also called digital certificates, are used to establish an encrypted connection between a browser or user's computer and a server or website.

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Transactional Email Services.

Send Large number of personalised and data driven email at a click.

SMTP & Web API based email sending service. Send large number of emails with your email-client or a newsletter software or a web software, get started in Minutes.

Cloud-based email sending service to help digital marketers and application developers send transactional emails. Cost-effective service for businesses of all sizes.

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SMS for Websites

SMS for Websites

Transactional & promotional SMS for Web, Mobile and Cloud platforms.

Transactional and bulk SMS services. Make the most of with SMS services - engage and retain customer with award-winning SMS gateway APIs.

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