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Binary a leading Digital media marketing agency offering content design and marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, Mail and SMS Marketing for gloabl clientel.

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Digital Marketing

The basics of -
Digital Marketing.


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Digital Marketing


This is where we start and research about your products, competition, pain point, and buyer-profile. Our job is to work with you to DISCOVER the above and design a digital road-map for you.

Current digital trends.
Digital position as-on-date.
Keywords, keyword competition, High ranking keywords.
Buyer-profile and demographics.

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Digital Marketing


Content Design is essentially a storytelling for your brand over internet. “Content” can be virtually anything - website, blog posts, images, videos, infographic or news items.

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Digital Marketing


Informing your target market about your arrival. Here we setup digital vehicles to wide-spread and distribute the Content.

SEO - Search engine optimisation.
Local Business listing and Maps.
Blog posting, Wikis, Video Sharing.
Link building.

Socialize ↓

Digital Marketing


Social media is essentially a holistic online marketing channel. It amplifies your message and engages core audiences. Social media compliments search engine ranking, and strengthens content/brand position.


Advertise ↓

Digital Marketing


We adopt to a a 360 degree marketing strategy focussed on delivery Ads via Google Adwords and social sites to your target market. Aggressive and optimised advertising campaigns to build data, leads and sales.

Google Adwords (PPC)
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Mobile advertising.

Reach Out ↓

Digital Marketing

Out-bound Marketing

Outbound digital marketing primarily a self-initiative by the company to go out and talk to its audience. Digital vehicles such as Email and SMS, including latest tools like whatsapp can reach to a larger list of people.

Email marketing.
SMS Marketing.
Press releases.

Nurture leads ↓

How to improve Conversion rate

Lead Nurturing and scoring

Lead generation is not the end of digital marketing. After the lead has been acquired - it’s just beginning. the whole lot of the leads generated and brought into the database are not yet ready to buy.
The most important part of marketing starts where you would start to nurture every lead. Systematically sending emails that move a lead closer to a purchase, you can help turn your lukewarm leads hot.
And by assigning leads scores based on how closely they fit your buyer profile and where they are on their buyer journey, you know exactly when a lead needs to be sent to sales. You don’t want a hot lead that is itching to make a purchase going cold because no one is calling him.

Why Binary?

We create tailored digital marketing mix and strategies in line with your objectives and budget. Besides, Count on us for technical Expertise, Innovation and Experience.

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