Transactional Email Services.

Send Large number of personalised and data driven email at a click.

SMTP & Web API based email sending service. Send large number of emails with your email-client or a newsletter software or a web software, get started in Minutes.


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Transactional Email Services.
Send Large email at a click.

Cloud-based email sending service to help digital marketers and application developers
send transactional emails. Cost-effective service for businesses of all sizes.
Send Invoices, Bills, Newsletters, website signup and welcome emails, password recovery mails etc.

Transactional Email explained.

Transactional emails are automated messages that are sent to a user in response to an action done by them.
Email sent from one sender to one recipient, usually related to account activity or a commercial transaction. Examples include password reminder emails, purchase confirmations, and personalized product notifications.

✔ Send mails from your email name@domain
✔ DKIM and SPF validated emails
✔ Integrate with simple SMTP or API
✔ Personalize emails with user data
✔ Reports on email activity.


Start in minutes

Order your transaction email account and start sending emails.


Integrate your software with our sending API.
Setup your application to send emails with API.



Integrate SMTP in your email-client.
Setup your application/mail-client to send emails with SMTP.


Products & Services

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<< Transactiona Mail
> SMS Gateway

Automated emails from your website and applications to keep your contacts updated and engaged.

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Transactional Email Cost

How much does it cost to use Transactional email sending service?

upto 25,000 Mails
Starts at Rs 3500/- monthly
Rs 2000/- for every additional block of 25k sending connections per month.

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